I was born in 1987 in Benevento a small town in the south of Italy. In this city I lived till 2015 when I obtained my Master Degree in Computer Engineering. In 2016 I have started a PhD course at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) in the Netherlands in the context of the European SENECA project focusing on software product quality. My PhD course consist of mixed University and Industrial experience over a period of 4 years to be carried out half of time in Netherlands and half of time in Spain.

I obtained my Bachelor and Master degrees in computer science from University of Sannio in Italy. During and after the Bachelor degree, I have been worked in the industrial context for two year (2010 - 2012) at ACME Systems and published some projects (2008 - 2015) on the Italian magazine "Elettronica IN".

My Bachelor work cover both hardware and software development. I designed a multifunction data acquisition system with run time compensation of the ADC nonlinearity and I developed the C software driver to learn and correct the analog distortion over an Unix Embedded ARM system.

My Master thesis work, instead, is a pure software study. It looks across the differences that can be found in the processes of development of video games vs. non video games projects. The study examines in a quantitative and qualitative way about 30 video games projects and about 30 generic non video games projects, using some Python scripts to realize the data mining extraction.

Now my current research topic is the Code Review with the supervision of the professor Alberto Bacchelli

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