Luca PascarellaI am an Italian Software Engineer graduated in May 2015 (Master degree) in Italy at Università degli Studi del Sannio, now I work in Software Engineering Research Group (SERG) in Netherlands like PhD student at TU Delft

I have two main passions software and electronic. I don't remember exactly the starting date of the electronic passion because it is natural in me. Infact I remember that my first games were wire up my father's batteries with small lamps to turn on them. But it was natural because my first important gifts was a soldering iron.

Reading and studying by myself the electronic concepts, the next step was the building of my first PCB with TTL logic circuits obtaining some LEDs and push buttons games. Today I think these big boards are a really stupid circuits! The natural consequence of this was connect these circuits to the LPT port of my father's 386 computer. You can easily immaginate my pleasure in turning on the LEDs by PC's keyboard.

Starting from this experiences I became curious about the fantastic world of the earliest microcontrollers (PIC16F87) and the consequence was the studying of the Assembler programming language. The result in the year was the creation of my first programmable circuit for control the solar charging of an acid battery. Some thousand of assembly lines to do a simple FIR/IIR feedback control. Today I think this is also a stupid circuit, but this experience leave me a sign of software passion.

In the meantime I started the high level Liceum school I saw the C language. This high level language opened a big door, the things that require thousand instructions  was realizable in few lines. Naturally the first application was a MP3 player with a SD card. After about an year and mixed C and Assembler (PIC18) code I listen "Io Canto - Laura Pausini". After that you can easily imagine why my studying course is Software Engineer at Università degli Studi del Sannio.

Few years before my inscriction at University, the Italian government split the 5 years accademic courses in 3+2 years with an intermediate graduate (bachelor degree). In 2010 when I was at 2 exams to the end I started the traineeship in ACME Systems. Here I worked on my thesis "Realization HW/SW of a multifunction data acquisition system with low distortion" to obtain in the 2011 my Bachelor degree. In this company I worked for 2 years over the Unix embedded systems (both in Hardware and Software context) and then I continued the study of Software Engineer at Università degli Studi del Sannio. 

My Master course was a pure software study and the title of the final thesis is: "Quantitative and qualitative analysis of the processes of development of video games vs. traditional software in open source".

In the meantime, starting from 2008 I have published 21 articles on the magazine "Elettronica IN" and developed some important boards today marked by "Futura Elettronica" beyond some other occasional collaborations with customers all over the world and teaching microcontrollers programming in High school for 4 years.

Now I am just joined to SERG project and I'm starting my PhD course with the supervision of the professor Albero Bacchelli.


Today I think the electronic is my hobby but the software engineering is my life.



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