I am an Italian Software Engineer with a background in embedded software development and hardware design. I collaborated for the Italian magazine, Elettronica IN, for several years. I built many educational projects to share my knowledge with new generations. Meanwhile, I taught assembly and C/C++ programming languages in a professional high-school for four years while I led a company specialized in embedded design.
Currently, I am pursuing a Ph.D. in computer science at the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) in The Netherlands, where I am researching how to improve software quality by preventing software defects with deep learning algorithms.

Soon, I’ll assist Gabriele Bavota as a postdoc researcher for the DEVINTA project at the Universit√† della Svizzera Italiana in Switzerland.

I worked in the exciting SERG group led by Arie van Deursen at the Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands and remotely supervised by Alberto Bacchelli as part of the ZEST group at the University of Zurich, in Switzerland.

During my Ph.D. supported by the European SENECA project, I have been interned twice (summer 2016 and 2017-2019) at the IMDEA Software Institute, in Spain, and at the Software Improvement Group, in The Netherlands, respectively.

I obtained my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Software Engineering from the University of Sannio. Where Massimiliano Di Penta has supervised my master thesis on video game development processes, and Sergio Rapuano and Luca De Vito have promoted my collaboration with the ACME Systems for creating a plug and play device enhanced with an embedded Bayesian error correction algorithm, successively commercialized as a leading product.

Personal Life

My sister, Marianna Pascarella, is a Telecommunications Engineer, a book writer, and the founder of Ricette dal Mondo an amazing food blog.

My partner, Mariaclaudia Nicolai, is a growing Pharmacist, an enthusiastic researcher, and the co-founder of LPSystems B.V.